The Canadian Human Rights Commission’s
2017 Annual Report to Parliament

People first


“The simple actions of one person can inspire others, can start movements, can change laws, can change workplaces and so much more.”

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What we did

Throughout 2017, the Commission kept pushing to put People First and to make the rights, the issues and the needs of people in Canada at the forefront of all that it did. From calling for stronger human rights protections for the transgender community and fighting for the fuller inclusion of persons with disabilities, to calling out hate and intolerance, to continuing to promote the rights of Indigenous peoples and other vulnerable groups across Canada—the Commission worked to be a voice for those who are fighting to have their voices heard.

they did

Sometimes the biggest changes come from the simplest actions or the most personal decisions. The people in these five stories have found their own ways to overcome discrimination or adversity for themselves or for others. Their stories show us that change that starts with one person can create a ripple-effect that helps many.

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